Nicola & Rob

After 13 years of dating and being completely in love, Rob popped the question! Nicola tells us that they are "two best friends that got married to each other and promised to remain in mutual weirdness forever". The day they got married was truly the best day of their life and the wedding did not disappoint...they had every guest embrace their weirdness and uniqueness: tables were animal themed, temporary tattoos had to be worn just to list a few details. Oh, and did we mention that Nicola and Rob literally designed and made almost everything themselves?! They got married under skulls/flowers and had a fasting ceremony preformed by one of their best friends that actually inked both their ring fingers, she bounded their hands using a chord made from strips they collected during their travels around the world.

The night followed with some of their favorite rock and punk rock tunes surrounded by all the people that they hold dearest...definitely one day that they will never forget!!!

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